Web Video Production Tips For Business Owners And Agencies

These days, it seems like most web design and social media clients are asking about incorporating video into their projects. The days of an unscripted, unrehearsed talking head video welcoming you to a website or Facebook page are thankfully almost over. Video isn’t a novelty anymore. It’s an expected part of the online experience. And whether you’ve decided to roll out your own video, or hire a professional to help, there’s a few guidelines you really should follow to make sure everything turns out well.

The level of video production quality still varies quite a bit on the web, but the fact is smart businesses are realizing that effective video, just like an effective website, tells a story. Oftentimes, figuring out that story falls to you. Even if you’re not writing the script for the video, it’ll often be your job to develop the creative brief that you’ll then give to the video production company of your choice. I’ve found the best way to get started with figuring out your video’s story is the same way you get started with a new website design project or social media campaign – that is, you ask a lot of questions.

However you phrase it, your first job is to figure out the purpose of this video. Is it to announce a new product or service? Is it to create a promotional video for a company’s line of business? Or perhaps it’s more of a training video? There’s room for all kinds of video content online and most companies do make different types of videos available these days. But it’s important that each video have a specific purpose.

Notice I said purpose. Not purposes. We’ve found that it’s vital to figure out the most important message you need to communicate, if a video is to succeed. In story-speak, that’s called finding your story’s spine. It often means working to really whittle things down, because there may be stacks of PowerPoint decks and whitepapers extolling the myriad virtues of a product. I’ve found that it’ll often be up to you to take that data dump and turn it into an interesting and memorable story. Memorable means simple, and simple isn’t always easy. On that note, if 3 takeaways will do, instead of 12, great. If 1 will do instead of 3, even better!

A clearly defined story is gold. And knowing what you’re trying to accomplish and what the viewer is supposed to get out of a video puts you on the path to success. If you’re an agency, once you find your story’s spine, get sign-off from the client on it and then clearly communicate it to whoever’s in charge of writing the script or creative brief.

Now let’s talk about your video’s audience. A video for an engineer is usually very different than one for a CEO. And usually, a video for the general public is different still. It makes sense that you need to tailor your video’s story towards the audience for which it is intended. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a video that does not clearly define and cater to your target audience. With video, you absolutely don’t want to try to be everything to everyone.

Defining your video’s purpose and audience will help guide you towards the right answers for many other questions you’ll discover as you build your creative brief or video script. Things like “How long should this video be?” and “What style of production best communicates the video’s story to our audience?” can’t really be tackled until you nail these basics for your video.

If it sounds like doing the legwork for creating an effective web video is extensive and occasionally exhausting, well, it is. But if you do it right, you’ll end up with a clear, well-written creative brief that you can use as the starting point towards creating a video that makes your you (and your client) look amazing.

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Steve Miles runs his Telligent Media video production company and advertising agency @ www.telligentmedia.com in Orange County, California. His team of magicians and video elves create successful web and Internet promotional videos, broadcast television commercials, viral videos, and corporate and trade show videos for clients.


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