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“Trapped in an elevator during an earthquake, a blind holocaust survivor discovers that not all the passengers are who (or what) they claim to be.”

“Who Else Wants To Be Part Of

The Filmmaking Experience And
Help Us Make A Movie?”

Who We Are

We are a group of student filmmakers attending Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA.  We have a passion for films and the process of filmmaking and we all hope to work in the film and TV industry.  “Scent” represents our Spring 2012 advanced filmmaking class project and the first short film for producer and director Steve Miles.

About Steve Miles

Steve discovered a passion for filmmaking after enrolling in a cinematography class and a video production basics class at Saddleback College in order to implement the use of video in his marketing business.  He then went on to study TV and film directing (in which he received several awards), screenwriting, acting, film production management, and advanced film production.  Everything he’s learned up to this point has prepared him for making this film.

You can watch some of his work here:

The Story

Originally written by David A.F. Chase, “Scent” tells the story of Saul Weitz, a holocaust survivor who becomes blinded when he discovers the existence of vampires at the end of World War II.  After the war he develops an obsession for hunting down ex-Nazis and bringing them to justice, even in his limited capacity.  He has also developed an obsession for researching and finding the creatures that had a part in him becoming blind.  Fighting off his eminent death, Saul visits an old friend in the hospital and, during an earthquake, becomes trapped in an elevator with several other passengers.  Due to his heightened sense of smell, Saul discovers that one of the passengers is not what he claims to be.  He is instead one of the creatures he’s been looking for and researching for most of his life.  With daybreak looming, he makes an interesting deal with the creature.

On the surface this may seem like just another vampire story.  In reality, it’s a far more interesting story of just how far someone will go for vengeance.  Would you become a monster in order to destroy other monsters?

We Need You!

Making any kind of movie costs money.  And making a movie that looks and sounds good so it won’t be looked at as an amateurish attempt at filmmaking costs even more money.   We want this to be the best film it can be, so we need your contribution to help us fund our budget.

Our budget allows for us to:

  • Rent locations where we can shoot
  • Build an elevator set on a sound stage
  • Purchase wardrobe and props for the cast
  • Obtain film permits
  • Rent a camera dolly
  • Rent a U-Haul truck
  • Pay for gas and a hotel room for our lead actor
  • And feed the cast and crew delicious, hot meals in exchange for them working for free on this movie

100% of your contribution goes toward the budget of this film.

What’s In It For You

Not only will you get the satisfaction from helping us achieve our dream of making a great movie, you’re also going to get some great, fun perks when you become involved in the making of this film.  Things like:

  • A digital download of the film so you can watch it as soon as its finished
  • A DVD or Blu-ray of the film so you can share the movie you helped to bring into existence with your friends and family
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the film so you can come along with us (from start to finish) as we make the movie
  • A personalized shooting script signed by the writer, director, and cast
  • An invitation and VIP treatment at the premier of the film
  • And credits in the film that will show up on screen and on that will last as long as movies exist

So please join us and help make “Scent” a reality.

What To Do Next

Choose your contribution level and then click on the “Donate” button.  You’ll be taken to a secure PayPal page where you can fund your contributing using a debit card, credit card, electronic check, or PayPal account.

Perks for your contribution:

Special Access: $10 – Special access to premium content only available to our backers.

Thank You: $25 – All of the above + a special thank you on our website and Facebook page acknowledging your contribution + exclusive access to be able to watch the entire film online as soon as it’s completed.

Thank You & DVD: $50 – All of the above + an invitation to the premier of the movie + your own DVD of the film so you can share a movie with your friends and family that you helped to make.

Behind The Scenes Access: $100 – All of the above + exclusive access to all of the behind the scenes footage on the making of the film so you can come along on the journey with us right from your computer.

Blu-ray Disc & Signed Script: $250 – All of the above + your own signed high-definition Blu-ray Disc of the film so you can watch it in high-definition + a personalized, signed shooting script signed by the writers, director, and cast.

Special Thanks Credit: $500 – All of the above + your name will appear on screen in the “Special Thanks To” section in the closing credits of the film.

Associate Producer Credit & VIP: $1,000 – All of the above + your name listed as an “Associate Producer” of the film which will appear on screen in the credits of the movie and on (what a way to impress your friends & family) + an invitation to visit us on set during the filming of the movie + VIP treatment at the premier of the movie.